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Please contact me anytime here.  Feel free to ask questions about my bodywork programs for humans or horses, inquire about lessons or workshops, or leave a comment.  Thanks for your interest and I look forward to serving you soon!  

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Massage therapy and clinical therapeutic bodywork for humans and equines.  Josh Williams brings over 15 years as a licensed massage therapist, 1000's of hours of client contact and advanced course work, and a bachelors degree in exercise science to the table.  You can be assured you are in good hand and well experience pain relief, injury recovery, stress relief, and performance goals with professional manual therapy.  Comfortable, effective, and professional treatments are the goal.  Call/text/email now to schedule.  


Horse Massage

Horse massage by licensed therapist Josh Williams and elite horse trainer Victoria Petersen at Cascadian Stables; for equine injury prevention, performance enhancement, and injury prevention.  


Thank you for your interest in our horse massage therapy program.  We are very excited to offer our innovative and effective bodywork program for your equine athlete.  Licensed Massage Therapist Josh Williams teams up with elite performance horse trainer Victoria Petersen to access and treat soft tissue issues in horses.  

We have been getting incredible results with this program that we have been developing over the last few years.  We believe by treating the soft tissue of equine athletes (muscles, tendons, etc.) that great progress can be made in overcoming injury, and perhaps more importantly in injury prevention.  Just like human athletes receive regular physical therapy and massage therapy, equine athletes require a similar level of care and maintenance.  Josh prepared a presentation for OSU's exercise science department that will be linked below.  

We will also be planning clinics and workshops for both massage therapists and horse owners to learn some tips and tricks to keep your horse in tip top shape.