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Please contact me anytime here.  Feel free to ask questions about my bodywork programs for humans or horses, inquire about lessons or workshops, or leave a comment.  Thanks for your interest and I look forward to serving you soon!  

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Massage therapy and clinical therapeutic bodywork for humans and equines.  Josh Williams brings over 15 years as a licensed massage therapist, 1000's of hours of client contact and advanced course work, and a bachelors degree in exercise science to the table.  You can be assured you are in good hand and well experience pain relief, injury recovery, stress relief, and performance goals with professional manual therapy.  Comfortable, effective, and professional treatments are the goal.  Call/text/email now to schedule.  

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Sports Massage and equine bodywork in Bend Oregon

Josh is a world class massage therapist. TRUE STORY!
— Andy Fecteau MSPT, Physical Therapist @ Redbird Physio Therapy. Founder of Rebound Physical Therapy
As an equine sports medicine veterinarian, I highly recommend Josh as a massage therapist. We have teamed up on multiple occassions and it seems that our work is symbiotic and compliments each other. He is extremely knowledgeable, does great body work and knows when to refer to a veterinarian. The horses love what he does for them and subsequently so do their owners. His diagnostic findings have been very accurate and his medical intuition is dialed in. He and Victoria are an excellent team. As they are both great students of the horse which leads to their high level of horsemanship. I look forward to continue to work and learn with Josh in the future.
— Patrick H. Young, DVM, AVCA certified in animal chiropractic
I’ve been in the medical field for over two decades and I was skeptical that anything further could be done to treat a sports injury that was limiting the function of my shoulder. I was at a point where I was “learning to live with the pain.” This was the condition I brought to Josh Williams who was highly recommended as the most skilled therapist in the area for injury care. Not only did he completely restore the range of motion for my shoulder but I felt I was in the presence of a real healer. I left that first session feeling as if my whole energy system was balanced. I am thrilled to find such a gifted professional and have recommended some of my more complicated cases to his care with wonderful results!
— Marissa Mayer, LAc, MAcOM, Accupuncturist/Chinese Medicine Doctor

Josh is the best massage therapist I have ever had, he is UHMAZING. He has an intuition with his hands that will minister to your body in a way that no other therapist can. Perhaps it’s the fact that he has an extensive knowledge of anatomy, or that he plays the Indian Tabla, or that he massages horses—it’s probably a mixture of all of these!—but his hands have a knowing that will put you at ease and heal your aches, in a magical way. Josh has the perfect combination of gentleness and strength. He’s my go-to man, when needing renewal!
— Dr. Anita Henderson, MD, Physician

Thank you for visiting my site!  Cascadian BodyWorks offers professional, caring, and innovative approaches to Sports Massage in Bend, Oregon.  Just like we change the oil in our vehicles on a regular basis, the body also needs regular bodywork to feel and perform at its best.   

I believe massage therapy is not just a luxury (though it feels like one!), but an essential component to one's health care program.  Massage therapy has SO many healthful benefits:  pain relief, stress reduction, and injury prevention to name just a few.  It is truly one of the most effective and efficient health care modalities available, and it FEELS GREAT as well.

My name is Josh Williams, LMT and owner of Cascadian BodyWorks.  With 17 years of experience, lots of advanced technique training post-massage-school, and a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and Kinesiology, you can be sure you are in good hands.  Bodywork is customized for individual needs.  I've worked on pro athletes to weekend warriors, movie stars to your friends and neighbors, elderly folks to children, spa pampering experts to the demands of clinical therapeutic needs patients.  What inspires me now is to build relationships within this community that I am proud to call home and to raise my family in.  I love to hear that my bodywork sessions are the best part of my clients day.


Josh is very professional and knowledgeable. I had been suffering from back and leg pain for quite some time. Physical therapy and active release was not helping me at all. Josh was recommended by a friend and after seeing him regularly the pain was gone and I was able to go back to my active lifestyle. Highly recommended.
— Tomi Tiainen
Josh is an exceptional massage therapist and I would highly recommend his healing hands to others. He truly listens to concerns and works to relieve problem areas. He encourages me to take an active part in my own treatments by recommending stretches. He is the best I’ve found—I can stop hunting around for a massage therapist I trust.

— Lori H. Bend, Oregon
Joshua is a very personable, professional, and extremely knowledgeable massage therapist. I’ve experienced muscle spasms in my back for years due to very tight hips and muscle tightness. Joshua not only helped alleviate much of the discomfort, but he also really helped me understand the cause of my spasms. He educated me as well as treated me for my over-compensating muscles when my body was out of alignment and balance. He was very patient and very knowledgeable with any question I asked. You can tell he truly cares for his patients. I feel very fortunate to have found a massage therapist that developed a plan for me to get back in the gym and feeling myself again. I’ve been to other massage therapists in the past and they can’t compare to the healing and education you’ll receive from Joshua Williams.
— Kris Glazier
I have had the opportunity to have Josh treat me for a hip problem while vacationing in Bend, Oregon. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and was “right on” with is treatment and subsequent suggestions. Josh incorporates many techniques in his practice and offers a variety of suggestions and ideas for further improvement. His understanding of the human body coupled with is caring and professional attitude were fantastic. As a retired physical therapist I value the commitment and care Josh presents to his patients. I would not hesitate to recommend this very thoughtful and talented young man. You won’t be disappointed!!

— Patricia Smith, Palm Desert, California
My wife and I have enjoyed over three decades of massage services. Regular body work and relaxation is important after intense and punishing workouts. But more importantly we needed a massage therapist who can target issues with a working knowledge of the body’s structure and musculature. Josh Williams has a unique, naturopathic approach to release allowing for blood flow and consequently relief to overused and inflamed tissue. In Bend, we have concluded that Josh is one of the few therapists who understand the body and the athlete. He listens, he heals and he makes us whole again and for that we are grateful.
— Rick and Ruby Marine

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